"Call Me" When You Check Out LAKE JONS' New Music Video

- Jan 21, 2018 at 02:07PM
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"Call Me" is the new music video from the Helsinki innovative lo-fi pop trio Lake Jons from their self-titled debut record. The video was produced by their collaborator Markus Kontiainen, using vintage stock footage to soundtrack the undeniably soulful, forward-thinking lo-fi pop song.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, the members of the band retreated to a cabin in the Finnish forest to record the album. The result is a tight blend of ambient lo-fi pop, psychedelia, soul and folk music. It's an album that definitely has the tone of being made in isolation with a connection to the natural world. A calm and persistent “life will go on” motif is prevalent throughout, which follows the bands’ previous two EPs, Explore and Explode.

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