Catch Up on Your 'Sci-Fi Television' with THE NECTARS "We Will Run" Music Video

- May 16, 2018 at 04:44PM
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Emerging from the depths of New Jersey and coming up in the New York underground scene, buzz band The Nectars have got a new video for you for "We Will Run." This is from their debut record Sci-Fi Television.

Singer Jessica Kenny commented, "Our music video for ‘We Will Run’ is a love letter to simpler times. A tribute to the New Jersey of our youth. A wish for a better world. We wanted to capture the feeling of running away with your friends, escaping the monotony of daily life and believing in each other. With the long, balmy, summer days ahead we have our souls set on nostalgia. 'We Will Run,' together." She continued, "Here in The Nectars, we’re just four regular kids who want to make music, chill with our squad, be free and be in love. To us, this video was about sharing our story of following our dreams both on the stage and off."

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