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Cold Lungs - "New Pictures//Old Frames" [EP] [Exclusive Live Off The Floor Performance Video]

- Feb 20, 2015 at 12:46PM
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The Skinny: This experimental hardcore trio goes by the name Cold Lungs and hails from Edmonton, Alberta. To say they're noisy is an understatement, but of course, that's a good thing! In this exclusive, we're stoked to bring you a live off the floor performance video of the group playing their new EP, New Pictures//Old Frames, in its entirety!

With the help of Chad Steeves and Tyler Frith (videographers), and Jesse Berge (audio), these underground hardcore heroes got together with a bunch of friends and, in the dead of winter in a multi-band practice space in the south side of Edmonton, recorded their first live video. Chad Steeves Photography, Firth Photography, and a couple of GoPros captured the madness as Cold Lungs tore through their EP (along with 2 older songs) while enjoying a free keg of beer from Alley Kat brewery.

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