CROHM Unveil What's Hiding in All of Us with "Alien" Music Video

- Dec 07, 2017 at 10:25AM
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"Alien" is the new video from Italian group Crohm, taken from their recent album Humanity. Featuring a mixture of styles, power and melody, Crohm release music that launches messages that describe humanity.

Regarding the track, the band said, "Alien' that hides in every human being, our dark side, the biblical serpent that sometimes emerges and pushes us to accomplish our worst acts. The 'Alien' is our 'image in the mirror' that leads us to overwhelm, take revenge and all those negative actions that are a routine in human history. It’s the temptation you can resist by appealing to your own conscience. In the video clip this 'Alien' emerges in the bad behavior of the wealthy young man – who kicks the beggar’s hat with contempt – and also in the angry reaction of the same beggar. But, if the latter succeeds to dominate his wrath, the young man is taken over by the 'Alien' that has full control of his soul. In the end, the 'Alien' appears transfigured by the iris colour alteration in the eyes of the musicians – who represent any human being – ready to manifest at any time."

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