Cruise the “I-10” Thanks to Indie Rockers GREAT SHAPES’ Latest Music Video [Exclusive Premiere]

- Jan 10, 2019 at 11:00AM
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Indie rock quartet, Great Shapes have released an infectious new song titled “I-10” and we have the accompanying music video’s exclusive premiere for you today! As many pop rock songs go, “I-10” is a story of a relationship gone bad. Regarding the track, the band stated:

“The concept for ‘I-10’ is a story about a couple who fought an uphill battle. They have their first date, fall in love, create special memories, and eventually cohabit. As time goes on they create life. But things take an unfortunate turn when it results in a devastating miscarriage. It’s difficult for them to cope with the turmoil it has caused. They argue from time to time because of all the sadness and hurt that’s inside of them, and it ultimately becomes deleterious to the relationship. They part ways but they can’t erase what happened. So every now and then, all those emotions surface when they see each other again.”

If you want the song for yourself, you can find it on Spotify right here. New to the group? Well, from El Paso, Texas, Great Shapes formed in 2013 with one simple goal; to make people move. They have already released a debut EP, titled Murmuration, which was released in spring 2015. Said recording deals with themes of love, loss, change and time and pulls its inspiration musically from post-punk and indie pop bands. What you get with Great Shapes is melodic guitar soundscapes with groovy bass lines and uptempo drums, sure to keep you grooving all night long.

Load your day with added “Brightness” just by checking out this second video.

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