CULTURE ABUSE Keep the 'Bay Dream' Alive with the Music Video for "Dip"

- Jun 13, 2018 at 10:20AM
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The Bay Area's Culture Abuse have shared the vide for their latest single "Dip." The song is off of the band's brand new sophomore record Bay Dream. "Dip" was written when band lead singer David Kelling was in a reflective mood while constantly on the road touring with the band. Kelling commented, "It’s a song is about missing the ones that I love and time going by so fast. Trying not to get crushed by the pressures of life or losing hope. I feel like a lot of songs start from a place of pain or sadness, and then I process things for a bit and try to find the beauty and hope in life."

The video for "Dip" was directed by Ryan Baxley who created a human-sized photocopy machine, an arduous process that involved printing 4,500 images, draining 14 drums of toner, and logging 400 hours of work.

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