DANCE GAVIN DANCE Release "Count Bassy," Fourth Music Video from New Record

- Jun 06, 2018 at 12:26PM
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American rockers Dance Gavin Dance have yet another new music video for you, this time for "Count Bassy." This is the fourth track off of their new album Artificial Selection. The song is another intense musical and visual journey that is consistent with the tone of the band's vast body of work. Produced by the band, Kris Crummett, Erik Ron and Dryw Owens, Artificial Selection is the group's strongest and most diverse album yet.

Artificial Selection Track Listing:

01. Son Of Robot
02. Midnight Crusade
03. Suspended In This Disaster
04. Care
05. Count Bassy
06. Flash
07. The Rattler
08. Shelf Life
09. Slouch
10. Story Of My Bros
11. Hair Song
12. Gospel Burnout
13. Bloodsucker
14. Evaporate

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