DEAD CROWS Want to Sing You a "Lullaby" with New Music Video

- Jan 23, 2018 at 11:59AM
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About ten months after the official release of their debut and self-titled full-length, French rock/folk trio Dead Crows has released a new video for "Lullaby." The band features members of the group Nightmare and Dead Crows is all about the will of creating rock n' roll. The group could be defined as a power trio, made up of Matt "Dynamite" Berg, Oliver "Piv" Casu and Rudy "Fat Bass" Berg. Dead Crows' sound is primarily influenced by anything ranging from Motorhead, to Elvis Presley, to Social Distortion to Thin Lizzy. You could call it a rock n' roll mishmash that would appeal to anyone of any age.

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