DIRTY HEADS Let the Fans Do the Work with Their New "Visions" Music Video

- Jul 13, 2018 at 10:25AM
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Dirty Heads have let the fans take control over their latest music video for "Visions." The song is a collaboration between the band and hip hop producer Blueprint. During their recently finished summer tour, the band invited their fans to upload footage of themselves before, during and after attending their shows to help put the video together. The response was overwhelming and the group received an astonishing number of submissions, with 1500 fans from nearly 100 cities across the world submitting footage.

"The fans get to see into our lives behind the scenes online and at shows so it’s really cool to see what goes on behind the scenes with them on the way and at the show, commented singer Jared Watson. "It really makes it so special. It’s the best reward."
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