Don't Be "Blind" to STATE OF ILLUSION's New Music Video

- Jan 09, 2018 at 05:03PM
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South Carolina rock band State of Illusion have released their latest music video for "Blind," which is a newly remixed single off of their 2014 released LP, Aphelion. The band has performed in the past with the likes of Staind (hand-selected by vocalist Aaron Lewis), Chevelle, Flaw, Smile Empty Soul, Austin John Winkler (ex-Hinder vocalist), Like a Storm, Failure Anthem, and Stitched Up Heart.

Regarding the song, singer Jacob Porter commented, "I wrote ‘Blind’ in the middle of the night roughly 10 years ago, but we still feel life and energy from it every time we play it. Those 10 years can definitely be felt on ‘Blind’ because the new mix takes tiny recordings from almost every member we’ve had over the years and subtly inserts them throughout the track. We included it on Aphelion because we knew that it was a song that needed to be heard. Despite originally promoting another song as the single for Aphelion, ‘Blind’ was the song that seemed to connect most with listeners, probably because of the back and forth volley of mellow and hard-hitting elements and personal lyrics written so that they can be applied to the listeners’ unique situations... Hopefully, the new version of 'Blind,' along with the awesome video, will resonate with new listeners on an emotional level and give them a little taste of what State of Illusion is all about."

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