Electronic Rock Duo SEMBLANCE Battle Inner Demons on New "Angel" Music Video [Exclusive Premiere]

- Dec 06, 2017 at 08:39AM
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Maeve Gorman and Connor LeFevre are young, fun and full of strum! The east coast electronic rock duo - aka Semblance - boasts oodles of musical prowess, not to mention introspective lyrics and killer songwriting chops. What's crazier is that these cats aren't even twenty yet!

Well, that said and without further ado, we're pumped to share the band's new "Angel" music video. The track itself was produced by Carl Bahner (ex-member of Cheerleader) while the accompanying video match's Semblance's aesthetic; gothic and eerie. Look out for the tune on Spotify and Apple Music but, let's be honest, you're way better off to just stay right here and hit repeat.

Vocalist Maeve Gorman commented on the song, noting: "Mental battles are meant to be fought alone, but we can all feel overwhelmed by the task of simply carrying on. Sometimes someone or something comes along to lift that weight a bit and give you room to stand up straighter than before. 'Angel' is a dialogue with that someone who helped me."

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