"Everybody Thinks They Know" According to NAKED GIANTS in New Music Video

- Apr 12, 2018 at 09:05AM
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Seattle’s indie rock trio Naked Giants have kept it coming with more from their debut album Sluff and the video for "Everybody Thinks They Know."

"I guess this is an example of how a little bit of nonsense can turn into something profound with enough repetition and emphasis," commented guitarist and singer Grant Mullen. "Sometimes we pick things apart so much looking for an answer that we lose the simple wholeness which was the answer in the first place. It's like dissecting a frog - once you get to the middle and everything is laid out on the table, is it really a frog anymore? When we've explored and labelled every corner of the universe, does that get us any closer to knowing what the universe really is? What is god and why is it so powerful of an idea? These are all questions to be sure, but the melody we find at the end of our existence will surely be something like 'everybody thinks they know but no one really knows."

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