Ex-HACTIVIST Frontman TIMFY JAMES Returns with New Band OPIA and First New Music "Ascend"

- Jul 27, 2018 at 02:36AM
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OPIA, featuring ex-Hacktivist producer/guitarist, Timfy James, and frontman Ben Marvin, as well as current Heart Of A Coward bassist, Vishal “V” Khetia, have arrived to showcase the evolution of heavy music right before your very eyes, starting with new single "Ascend".

When asking about the music, Timfy mentions how he likes to push boundaries, “putting ingredients together using scraps of different genres to create something you didn’t know you wanted to hear”.

Produced at Old School Studios, their new single "Ascend" is a hard-hitting track with technical riffs and rhythms to get lost in. V says “I don’t think you could put a genre to it, but I’d say it’s definitely heavy and very addictive”

Returning to the music scene from a break, Ben says, “It’s good to be back on the mic, tearing it up. Looking forward to showing the world what we’ve been creating.” He also adds “With OPIA, the music is everything I want it to be”.
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