Female-Fronted Rockers POLARITY Debut Video for Roaring Single "The Fight" [Exclusive Premiere]

- Nov 02, 2017 at 12:42PM
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This is one local, independent group that we LOVE to feature! Based in and around Toronto, Ontario, the female-fronted hard rockers in Polarity have been slogging away since 2008 and amassing loyal fans all along the way. The band release their latest stdio recording, the 12-track Action Potential, on December 17, 2016, and have steadily garnered positive praise thereof ever since. Now, as we slowly near the album's 1-year anniversary, we've stoked to be debuting the brand new music video for the single "The Fight".

Lead vocalist Jasmine Virginia was kind enough to hit us up, leaving the following thoughts on the song and album's third video single: "'The Fight' is an homage to all bands and musicians working their ass off in a relentless industry! Often times it feels like not only the industry itself is against you but so is the world so being in a band, making music, and essentially following your calling can feel like a constant uphill climb, 'The Fight' is our way of encouraging that climb.”

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