Finger Eleven - "Falling On" [Music Video]

- Aug 23, 2007 at 07:16PM
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The Skinny: "Falling On" is the second single from Finger Eleven's 2007 album, Them vs. You vs. Me, as well as being the second of the album's eleven tracks. It's about someone facing their fears. It has reached #1 on the MuchMusic Countdown.

The band premiered the video on July 3, 2007, on an episode of MuchOnDemand. The video for "Falling On" starts off with the band playing in a digital-like white world made out of different dots. When the band nears the end of the first chorus, the dots fall and come back up. At the end of the video, the dots get sucked away and the band is left in the white world. Source: Wikipedia.

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