Free Your Mind and Check out SO THIS IS SUFFERING's New Music Video "Columbine"

- Jan 18, 2017 at 10:36AM
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California technical death metal unit So This Is Suffering have released the video for "Columbine" from their new full-length Palace Of The Pessimist.

"Question everything, and understand that the truth is ugly as fuck. Don't be a part of the corrupted corporate machine," elaborates vocalist Rudy Flores. "Free your mind. The video captures how easily humans are influenced to lose it all over an obsessiveness. We chose the title 'Columbine' because we want people to realize that their perspective can be askew. When you hear 'Columbine,' you feel tragedy and fear when it's also [the name of] a flower; a beautiful creation. We want to thank 1st Degree Entertainment for always bringing the magic out of So This Is Suffering and the gorgeous Jordyn Conway for her role in the video. She brought the evilness in the video."

So This Is Suffering is a post-deathcore group founded by Zedadiah Martinez and Zechariah Gamez in 2006. The band later solidified its lineup with longtime friends Rudy Florez, Robert Brown, and James Williams. The band self-released three albums and have toured across the U.S. several times, becoming one of the premier DIY hard rock bands out there.

Palace Of The Pessimist Track Listing:

01. Sleeper Hold
02. Lecherous
03. Xenomorphic
04. Palace
05. Columbine
06. Surveil
07. Muerte Bella
08. Portraits Of Fixation
09. Dreameater
10. The Sum Of All Fears

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