Get All 'Wrung Out' with LUME's New Music Video for "Loss Leader"

- Apr 07, 2018 at 12:35PM
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Chicago-by-way-of-Detroit trio Lume have released the new video for "Loss Leader," off of their debut record Wrung Out. This is a quick follow up to "Unending," the album's first track which arrived just a couple of weeks ago. Wrung Out is largely focused on a string of personal tragedies that the band members endured around the time they began recording the album. While not exactly a concept record, most of the songs on the record revolve around loss in some way.

Regarding "Loss Leader," singer and guitarist Dan Butler said, "Lyrically the song revolves around how we process the current social/political climate. I don't generally write about things like that, but we had several conversations over long drives in the van about how with social media and the internet in general, it's easy to end up trapped in a feedback loop. You surround yourself only with people who share identical views, and often, people's views are shaped by news that's only digested from a headline or a status update, then spread around endlessly without hearing the whole story."

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