GODSTICKS Have Decided: "We Are Leaving" in New Lyric Video

- Nov 04, 2017 at 08:33PM
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Godsticks are totally Faced With Rage with their new album and the release of their latest single "We Are Leaving." The band's lead singer and guitarist Darran Charles recently explained how he was inspired to write the song after witnessing the effects that addiction can have, not only on families, but entire neighbourhoods as well, and the experiences of people that stay and those that break away.

Charles commented, "Although not strictly autobiographical, the song is a reflection of my growing up on an estate that during my late teens/early twenties had become infiltrated with heroin and, by association, crime. A huge number of the people I grew up with became heroin addicts and although I wasn’t personally in danger of falling into that lifestyle (as I usually did the opposite of everyone else for some reason!) I could see how easy it was to fall into the clutches of addiction, especially when all those around you had fallen victims themselves."

"However, many years later some of those who did manage to escape that environment were able to beat the addiction, and I think that kind of hope is reflected in the song."

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