“Good News” Extreme Metal Band BITCH HAWK Have a New Video Out [Exclusive Premiere]

- Dec 06, 2018 at 07:37AM
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Having released their new album Joy on November 2nd, Swedish extreme metal quartet Bitch Hawk are now premiering their mad new video “Good News” right here! “If I was a nasty hawk living in Stockholm, this is how my days would look. I wish I was a nasty hawk living in Stockholm.” commented the video’s director, Kalle Matsson.

You can pick up a copy of Joy from Bitch Hawk’s Bandcamp Page here.

Joy Track Listing:

01. Good News
02. Got No Time For You Tonight
03. Baby Love
04. EDM
05. Optical Character Recognition
06. Slime
07.Kall Varld
08. Get Up You're Fine
09. Rikspsyk
10. Joy

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