GREG JACQUIN’s New Music Video Will Leave You “Floating” [Exclusive Premiere]

- Apr 25, 2018 at 09:01AM
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Mr. Greg Jacquin is an accomplished singer/songwriter and New York state native residing in Hudson Valley, hence the name of his most recent release, Hudson River (February 9, 2018). The eight-track album, which can be heard/purchased via Bandcamp, sees Jacquin and his band build a beautiful, flowing river of sound by carefully combining indie folk, Americana and indie rock. The aptly-titled single, “Floating”, is a lazy but upbeat tune that whisks the listener away to a nearby stream on a warm, sunny day. Today, we have the pleasure of sharing this very song’s brand new music video - check it out!

Greg’s group, which includes local musicians Paul Griffin (singer/songwriter, piano), Rich Berta (singer/songwriter, guitar), Lalit Loomba (bass) and Peter Wilson (drums), is set to gig and tour the US in support of the new album, all of which will lead to an early 2019 full-length.

Commenting on the new video, Jacquin was kind enough to send over his thoughts: “‘Floating’ is a song about growing up and drifting away from your past, your family, your old friends and your old life.”

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