GRIDFAILURE 'Will Not Survive Another Winter' with New Music Video for "Cabal"

- Oct 20, 2017 at 04:09PM
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Directly in the wake of releasing I Shall Not Survive Another Winter on the Fall Equinox, less than a month later experimental horror group Gridfailure have a new video for "Cabal." The band also have a new Razor Blades & Chocolate compilation which is a free digital collection that compiles various noise, drone, darkwave, industrial, experimental and generally spooky sounding acts for the Halloween season. The release features tracks from Small Craft, Malicious Wonderland, SlugChewer, Asucré, Guillermo Pizarro, Lament Cityscape, Crowhurst, Opul, Ehnahre, Many Blessings, Michael Ellingford, White Suns, Never Presence Forever, Derelict Satellite, Megalophobe, and Gridfailure themselves.

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