HALLUX Give You Some Head Banging Material with "Yersinia Pestis" Music Video

- Mar 20, 2018 at 08:59PM
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Vancouver's blackened death thrashers Hallux have revealed their new music video "Yersinia Pestis" from their debut self-titled album, released last month. Primarily inspired by Toxic Holocaust, Satan’s Wrath, S.O.D, Celtic Frost, and Power Trip, the band draws from death metal, black metal, crossover and D-Beat.

Commented the band, "We decided to start a project focused on a straight-forward approach and aesthetic inspired by early extreme metal bands, with the classic three-piece line-up, and leaving behind anything other than the absolute necessity to pull it off. We hope this album is received as a representation of our ideals by like-minded people…We want it to incite feelings of disconformities and disdain by illustrating the corruption of all forms of authority."
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