HANDS OFF GRETEL Announce "I Want The World" but Will Make Do with a Skate Park for now!

- Jan 26, 2019 at 12:39PM
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Inspired by the volatile and liberating melody fueled noise of bands such as Hole, The Distillers, Nirvana and PJ Harvey, Yorkshire band Hands Off Gretel are set to release their I Want The World album this coming March 29th via the bands own label Puke Pop Records.

The perfect soundtrack of sugar-coated grunge-punk allowing vocalist Lauren to vent and rail against the issues of body image, mental health, celebrity, childhood and loneliness she felt enraged by, all of which were addressed from a fiercely female, unapologetic, feminist perspective.

Ahead of the release the band have posted a high-energy new video for the album’s title track that sees the band performing on a skate park and perfectly encapsulates the songs infectious energy.

""I Want The World" is a song about how I’ve always felt since I was young," explains Lauren. "It’s me pouting like a child and saying "no! I want more than what this world is going to give me.". I channel Veruca Salt from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory when I sing it. I am being obstreperous and impossible like a child, kicking and screaming until I get what I want."

I Want The World Track Listing:

01. Kiss Me Girl
02. S.A.S.S
03. Big Boy
04. It’s My Fault
05. I Want The World
06. Blame Myself
07. Alien
08. Freaks Like Us
09. Milk
10. Fingers
11. My Friend Said
12. Rot (All The Good Things)

Tour Dates:

04/06 – Brighton – Hope & Ruin
06/20 – Sheffield - Café Totem
04/26 – Glasgow – Broadcast
04/27 – Edinburgh – Edinburgh
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