Hear More of the 'Eternal Nightmare' with CHELSEA GRIN's Latest Music Video for "Hostage"

- Jun 04, 2018 at 11:17AM
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After recently releasing their "Dead Rose," Chelsea Grin are back at it with a new music video for "Hostage." The track is taken from the band's second EP Eternal Nightmare. This is the first set of new songs to feature Tom Barber behind the microphone as the band's new lead singer.

The band members released a lengthy statement regarding Barber joining the fold. Part of the statement read, "Surely, this all comes as heavy news to our supporters and long time fans, but we want to confidently reassure that Chelsea Grin remains strong. During the recording process, we were faced with the challenge of pushing past obstacles to finish creating an album we were already so emotionally invested in. We had to weigh all options realistically, but abandoning our passion was never one. Our good friend and ally, Tom Barber, has stepped up to the plate to help us achieve a sound we had never imagined. His talent and drive allowed us a renewed energy, making the choice clear. Please provide Tom a warm welcome into the band, and saddle up for a darker, more aggressive sound than you've heard from us yet."

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