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HERELIES Will Keep You Listening with Their “Sweet Talker” Lyric Video [Exclusive Premiere]

- Aug 24, 2018 at 09:00AM
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Los Angeles, CA-situated smooth talkers, Herelies will have you wrapped around their collective fingers thanks to their catchy track “Sweet Talker”. With a brand new lyric video now out (yep, we’re your premiere HQ), you get to jam the tune on repeat while learning more about the rockers here.... The band, who blend rock and post-hardcore, are set to release their debut Beau Burchell-recorded, produced and mixed album infinite light // dark divides this fall via Ambiguous Records, with more tunes already available via Spotify here.

Tons of stuff to come but for now, enjoy this new song, check out the previously-released “The Broken Mirror” video below, and follow the dudes online for updates.

Commenting exclusively on the new video and song’s meaning, the guys said: “This song is about a tumultuous relationships, this is definitely the poppiest song we’ve done before. At the same time it’s very much a call back to a lot of the bands that influenced us growing up.”

Certainly also worth you time, this is Herelies video for “The Broken Mirror”.

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