HIDE YOUR EYES! It's "One More" New Song from the Hereford Pop-Punk Quintet

- Jun 30, 2018 at 06:55AM
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Hereford rockers Hide Your Eyes have released the video for their new single "One More".

"Our brilliant friend Marcos Spalding, who wrote and directed the video, described "One More" as an ‘embodiment of contrapuntal self-deprecation’ which is a posh way of saying ‘it sounds happy but is proper sad’. On face value it’s quite an upbeat and nonchalant song about getting stroppy-drunk and refusing to go home when they’ve called last orders, but lyrically leans towards break ups, living with low self esteem, substance abuse/addiction and the various emotions that tie in with being in that kind of place." explains the band when talking about the new single release."

With a new EP coming out in the next few weeks called "Last Orders", the band plan on touring this new material and visiting some new towns they have yet to play.

Tour Dates:

07/21 – Swansea - Creature Sound
07/28 – Woolhope - Breathfest @ Wessington Ct Farm
08/10 – Lebdury - Lakefest @ Eastnore Castle
08/11 – Abbeydore - Down On The Farm Festival @ Gwatkins Cider Farm
08/17-18 – Hereford - Skate, Eat, Rock Repeat Charity Fest @ Hereford Skatepark
09/01 – Aberdare - Unite Against Hate (South) Festival @ Jacs

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