It's "Happy Days" All Round as LTNT Release Their New Music Video

- Jun 28, 2018 at 01:31AM
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LTNT are set to release their up and coming E.P ‘YODE’via Canine Riot on July 13th,2018 and are celebrating the news with a new single "Happy Days". The E.P was produced by Liam Lever, Shaun Morgan and Matt Hyde.

YODE is an introductory selection of songs from a session at monnow valley studios, marking a new and unexpected era for LTNT. We thought maybe the band was dead but after some drastic changes and some dramatic improvements, we're back with less bollocks and better songs” – vocalist Liam Lever.

On Shaun Morgan’s (Seether) involvement “Since Shaun and I met we've been on a lot of dates. Pottery classes, salsa lessons, things like that. So as we grew closer it was only a matter of time before we became involved musically. He really believes in what I'm doing and has helped in every way he could, from signing us to canine riot to coming over to monnow valley to co-produce the record to inviting us to support every Seether show we can get to. He is like a brother except he doesn't beat me up or make me eat dog shit” – Liam Lever
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