It's Not All Doom and "Gloom" with New Music Video from SIFTING

- May 11, 2018 at 02:40PM
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Progressive rock group Sifting have released yet another music video from their new full-length Not From Here, this time for "Gloom." This is now the fifth music video to come from the record! The video was filmed among the beautiful scenery of the anta Monica Mountains in Malibu, California and Santa Clarita, California.

"This is probably the most personal song I have ever written," said frontman Eduardo Gil. "In this song I describe what I felt the day of the plane crash that took my mother’s life, which I suppressed in my mind for so many years. I just didn’t want to feel what I felt that day ever again… but acceptance is part of the healing and the evolution of every human being. I struggled with myself for many days bringing myself to sit down and write about it. Then one day I finally got the courage to do it. Once I started writing, it was like it was a song I was remembering, like it was already written. It just came out."

Guitarist Richard Garcia added, "Bringing 'Gloom' to life, just felt right, even if it isn’t most people would expect a progressive metal band to release as a single. But honestly, we just love to be showing the “sensitive” side of the band with 'Gloom,' because, just like humans, we are dual, we need both sides of the coin."

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