JENNINGS COUCH Gets a Little Freudian with New "Serotonin" Music Video

- Oct 21, 2017 at 01:19PM
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Solo artist Jennings Couch has released his new single and video for "Serotonin," a powerful new alternative track by the quickly emerging singer. The song is inspired by the neurotransmitters within the human brain and their effect on behaviour. Through the lyrics and trance-inducing melodies, Jennings urges listenres to delve into a world of Freudian psychotherapy, at least just for the time of the song. His lyrical content is quite unique in general, dealling with a range of philosophical, social and scientific ideas from studies of time to quantum physics.

"I couldn’t quite suppress the science geek in me!" There is plenty of relationship stuff in there too, just done in my own special way....the song, 'My Dear Andromeda' for instance, is an example of me writing about something I’m passionate about whilst making sure it also comes across as a relatable love song." A very unique artist to say the least!

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