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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Axe Throwing Battle 2016 at BATL Toronto [Teaser Trailer]

- May 11, 2016 at 10:34AM
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So, what happens when Roadrunner Records metal mainstays Killswitch Engage have a day off in Toronto, Canada before continuing on with their current North American tour? Well, they do what any normal group of grown men do... they head to Toronto's BATL Axe Throwing (The Home of Axe Throwing) and chuck razor-sharp metal axes at large wooden targets!

In this exclusive mini series we're stoked to bring you the first-ever Axe Throwing round-robin tournament where the KSE men do battle. Get pumped to find out who's declared 2016's KSE Axe Throwing champion!

Incarnate Track Listing:

01. Alone I Stand
02. Hate By Design
03. Cut Me Loose
04. Strength of the Mind
05. Just Let Go
06. Embrace the Journey… Upraised
07. Quiet Distress
08. Until the Day
09. It Falls on Me
10. The Great Deceit
11. We Carry On
12. Ascension

Bonus Tracks:
13. Reignite
14. Triumph Through Tragedy
15. Loyalty

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