'Kings of Fire' SAR ISATUM Drop "Chenoo" Lyric Video

- Nov 07, 2017 at 02:03PM
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Colorado black metal band Sar Isatum have released a lyric video for their latest track "Chenoo." The band name comes from the Sumerian dialect, meaning 'King of Fire.' Inspired by Emperor, Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth, Sothis and Craft, band member J.P Dalkhu has described Sar Isatum's music as "ethereal, nefarious, repugnant, abhorrent, cryptic."

Commenting on the song, the band said, "Chenoo' is the second song of the album, it's a completely different from the first self titled track on the album, it's a devastating track from beginning to end, 'Chenoo' is about the evil man-eating ice giants of northern Wabanaki legends. A 'Chenoo' was once a human being who either became possessed by an evil spirit or committed a terrible crime (especially cannibalism or withholding food from a starving person), causing his heart to turn to ice. In a few legends a human has been successfully rescued from the frozen heart of a 'Chenoo,' but usually once a person has been transformed into a 'Chenoo,' their only escape is death."

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