KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Pick the "Velvet Roses" with Their New Music Video

- Jun 20, 2018 at 08:37PM
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Kobra and the Lotus have dropped a full music video for their latest track "Velvet Roses." The track is off their new Prevail II album. The record, if you haven't guessed yet, is the follow up to Prevail I.

Commenting on the inspiration behind "Velvet Roses," the band said, "High impact, pure rock adrenaline!! This vid is a fabulous trip. Free falling through the sky, whipping tight turns on a planet where everything that makes sense to you doesn't apply and the impossible doesn't exist. Join this tenacious driver and her motley crew as they take guitar solos literally to "new heights" and drive you through the hard rock, adventure of your life!!!"

Prevail II Track Listing:

01. Losing My Humanity
02. Let Me Love You
03. Ribe
04. My Immortal
05. Human Empire
06. Heartache
07. Velvet Roses
08. Modern Day Hero
09. You're Insane
10. White Water
11. The Chain
12. Let Me Love You (Acoustic Bonus Track)

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