Let THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA Be The Soundtrack to Your Summer of Love with the Music Video for "Lovers In The Rain"

- Jun 13, 2018 at 10:19AM
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After exploding last year with their surprise hit album Amber Galactic, The Night Flight Orchestra are back with Sometimes The World Ain't Enough and the video for "Lovers In The Rain." The real life/animation mash up video was created by renowned artist Elia Cristofoli of Solingo who is also responsible for creating last year's video for the hit single "Gemini."

Commented the band, "Lovers in the Rain' is the soundtrack of the way it felt when you held the hand of your first true love for the first time. Happiness so intense, your heart beating so fast that it almost feels like a panic attack. And in the back of your head, you’re already mourning the fact that one day it will all be over. But during those first trembling moments, you know that nothing will ever be the same again. From now on, you will always compare every life experience to these first magic moments."

"Lovers in the Rain' is an hommage to the anthems of our youth, the songs that made us believe that in every life; no matter how insignificant you might feel sometimes, you will someday have that experience with someone. Hopefully with The Night Flight Orchestra playing in the background. And believe us, we’ve all been there."

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