"Lily" Is Go in New AS SIRENS FALL Music Video

- Mar 21, 2018 at 10:51PM
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If you've taken note, "lily is go,' or if you want the hashtag, #LilyIsGo is an expression that has been used extensively in the world of social media by Yorkshire band As Sirens Fall over the last few weeks. "Lily" is the band's new single and video and it tells the story of a world where the set sets just like usual one day and then never rises again. Through it all, the band's lead singer Mikey Lord attempts to make his way to safety, where it could be found.

Regarding the video, Mikey Lord himself said, "We wanted the video to reflect the song in as dramatic a way as possible. I think people will take different messages and meanings away from ‘Lily’ after seeing it. For us, at least, it is totally about survival and hope. Hope that the sun will soon rise."

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