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LYDIA PERSAUD Unveils Performance Video for Her Simply Soulful Single "Everything" [Exclusive Premiere]

- Oct 25, 2017 at 08:43AM
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Just ahead of her upcoming show at Toronto's Burdock we're fortunate to be the one website to debut the video for Lydia Persaud's gorgeous song, "Everything". Truly a stunning artist in every sense of the word, the soulful song is taken from Persaud's Low Light EP which you can, nay ought, to delve into ASAP via iTunes and/or Spotify.

Generous with her time, Lydia commented on the song as follows: "While recording 'Everything' I was originally intimidated by all of the space and silence within the song, later I realized that it made space for the lyrics to do the talking. 'Everything' captures a last ditch effort to communicate before a relationship ends, apologies need to be made so two people can move on. The live performance of 'Everything' features Robbie Grunwald on the keys, Mike Ardagh on the drums and a soaring guitar solo by Champagne James Robertson."

She further elaborated on the single saying: "In the early stages of writing 'Everything' there was a 'sorry not sorry' undertone to it, however there's no denying that it takes two to make or break a relationship. If you've not only been hurt but have also hurt someone, this song is for you."

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