Meet G HERBO's Alter Ego in New Music Video for "Swervo"

- Jun 23, 2018 at 01:41PM
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Rapper G Herbo has revealed the new music video for "Swervo" from his new project of the same name, a collaborative effort with Atlanta producer Southside. With "Swervo," Herbo breaks down how far he has come from his early days and discusses the lifestyle he has been able to create for himself.

Commenting on the project, Herbo said, "Swervo is a lifestyle, it's my alter ego. It's the other side of Humble Beast. Southside, who produced the whole album, came up with the name. We would hook up in Atlanta, Miami or LA and just hop in $200K whips, swerv through traffic - really just have fun and enjoy life - then go to the lab and capture that feeling. It's that vibe. I can't get that feeling in Chicago, because Chicago ain't a place you can relax and let your guard down... not even for a second. Don't get me wrong, I still talk that street talk, because that who I am at my core, but on this album I'm still having fun with it at the same time."

On the video, G Herbo said, "The 'Swervo' video is my favorite video to date. The director, JMP, really captured the vibe of the song and the album and we just really brought the Swervo lifestyle to life."

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