MEGOSH Are Out Searching for "Wolves" with Music Video for Hit Pop Track

- Dec 01, 2017 at 03:55PM
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Baltimore's Megosh released their debut album Apostasy last year and since then have been working hard on new music. The band has now released a new music video for "Wolves." This is a cover of the recent Selena Gomez hit with specific highlights being lead singer Josh Grosscup's dynamic vocal range and the group's powerful melodic rock qualities.

Commenting on "Wolves," the band stated, "The song already had a really cool melodic feel to it that we all knew we could easily transpose without traveling too far off the path from the original song. We kept the same tempo, and key of the song (to showcase Josh's range). The symbolism and meaning behind 'wolves' obviously varies from person to person; what it means to Selena we are sure differs from what it means to us, but that notion was the perfect set-up for us to express our own struggles without being too specific."

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