Metal Legends ANNIHILATOR Blast Us with "One To Kill" Lyric Video

- Oct 30, 2017 at 10:58PM
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Canadian metal legends Annihilator have released "One To Kill," off of their 16th studio release, For The Demented. Guitarist and vocalist Jeff Waters commented, "One To Kill' is about an abusive relationship but the victim finally got out. The abuser had to face a court, was subsequently charged and paid a price. Good. Abuse of women and children is terrible but it also happens, often, to men."

Recently commenting on the album, Waters said, "Bottom line, For The Demented captures some feel from Annihilator's 1985-87 demos mixed with the first four Annihilator records. Back to the thrash-meets-melody but with some pure Waters guitar riffing, up-graded lead guitar shredding and vocals back to the demo-days meets the King of The Kill record. Lyrically, I placed a theme on the record: the human mind and all of its glory, complexity, diversity, weaknesses and insanity! Pretty much the craziness of the music is matched by the lyrics."

For The Demented Track Listing:

01. Twisted Lobotomy
02. One to Kill
03. For the Demented
04. Pieces of You
05. The Demon You Know
06. Phantom Asylum
07. Altering the Alter
08. The Way
09. Dark
10. Not All There

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