Miami Metalcore is HEAVY! ACAEDIA Debut Their “Empty” Music Video [Exclusive Premiere]

- Jul 06, 2018 at 11:00AM
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Miami metalcore... warm, sunny words to our ears. Even better is that this particular band’s brand of metal hits like a hurricane, devastating mosh pits and ear drums in a way that’s chaotic yet beautiful. Acaedia (pronouced uh-SEE-dee-uh) is the group in question and their five-song Void EP dropped on August 16th of 2017 - find a copy online in various formats and from tons of distributors here. Void followed 2015’s debut EP, Dawning, and includes the ripping single “Empty”, for which we’re mega-pumped to be debuting the official music video today!

Mixing elements of djent, death metal, and post-hardcore into their metalcore concoction, Acaedia’s gale storm winds of sound come with both sonic weight and melody, not to mention well-thought out lyrical content. Speaking of “Empty” and the new video, the guys noted the following:

“This is a song that talks about how human beings behave like robots and live monotonous lives. This track brings a lot of energy and is so much fun to perform. This was the first time we gathered a crowd for a music video and just went crazy with it. Bang your heads to our latest music video for “Empty,” and don’t forget to share it with your friends!”

Now that you’ve had your fill of “Empty”, check out the video for “Consumed”.

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