MODERN MIMES Do Justice to TYPE O NEGATIVE with "I Don't Wanna Be Me" Music Video

- Nov 17, 2017 at 12:40PM
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Florida-based future goth rock band Modern Mimes has released a video to go along with their Type O Negative cover "I Don't Wanna Be Me." The members of the iconic band not only approved of the cover, but actually promoted the song and the single before its release. On their Facebook page, Type O Negative commented, "This is great-this band Modern Mimes approached this cover just as type o would have: changed the tempo and feel of it and made it their own. Tones and mix are great as well. It sounds as if Type O did a cover of Type O. Amazing job. I love this. It's better than our version."

Modern Mimes came together in 2014 and are led by Adi Elcida Hernandez on vocals/guitar/sampling and Ernesto Paez on the double neck guitar bass. "Future goth" is a term the two coined to explain the fusion of the many different styles in their music. You'll hear powerfully haunting vocals, subconscious provoking lyrics, electronic drums, and catchy pop melodies all in one
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