Mutank - "Corporate Child" [Music Video]

- Nov 05, 2014 at 09:39PM
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Quebec's Mutank are back with their latest video for the song "Corporate Child." Vocalist/bassist Stephen Reynolds comments: "Leave your brain in the trash, you won't need it today. Mutank is back with our first official video for the song 'Corporate Child' from our debut album M.E.C.H. Metal. This two minute fifty second speedbomb is completely self-shot, self-directed and raw as a skinned knee with editing by myself, Adam Reynolds and Justin Oakey.

Join us as we thrash-mob a local shopping center, attempt to solve the unsolvable black MUbix cube and flush our brains down the toilet all in the name of good zombie-consumerist fun! Expect more visuals out of the Mutank camp soon, but for now share this with anyone you know who has poor taste, bad hearing and a penchant for snort-wrecking thrash!" M.E.C.H. Metal features eight monumental thrash tracks that will either make you want to punch something or just plain dance while delivering thoughtful, honest lyrics for those who wish to look deeper.
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