MY ENEMIES & I Become "Reborn" in Latest Music Video

- Sep 25, 2016 at 11:55PM
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Richmond, Virginia's My Enemies & I have released a brand new music video for "Reborn," taken from My Enemies & I's Fearless Records re-mastered debut EP Sick World. According to vocalist Jeff Hill and guitarist Zach Jones, the song is about being reborn into the ideas and beliefs of oneself rather than buying into what outside sources like religion, friends, family and mainstream media tell you what to believe.

"What better way to visually interpret that than to be baptized and drowned in troughs inside a big church?! Just like a baptism, we are washed clean and reborn," the band explains. "This shoot was a real fun experience, but also pretty intense and quite grueling. Once we got shooting, the music video alone took about 20 hours nonstop to shoot. We only had the church for one day, so we had to grind it out. It was all worth it in the end."

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