NABERUS Deal with Dementia in "My Favorite Memory" Music Video

- Jul 14, 2018 at 11:52AM
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Australian melodic death-thrashers Naberus have revealed their latest music video for "My Favorite Memory," the third video to come from their sophomore record Hollow. The video is inspired by singer James Ash's personal experiences dealing with his father's battle with dementia.

"We filmed the video over two days with most of the video being shot on a lovely sunny Melbourne day," commented James. "When we finally filmed the beach scenes, this ended up happening on a cold overcast day. Tianna had to wade into the ocean and fall under the water. It was so cold that day, she was screaming and cursing us - you would never know though as we only saw her back."

Hollow Track Listing:

01. Slaves
02. Space to Breathe
03. Split in Two
04. Shadows
05. Webs
06. Hollow
07. I Disappear
08. The End
09. Seas of Red
10. The Maze
11. My Favorite Memory
12. Fading
13. The Burrow
14. The Depths

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