NARCS Make Some Social Commentary with "Raus" Music Video

- Nov 10, 2017 at 10:26AM
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Leeds band Narcs has released their music video for their latest track "Raus," a brooding piece of off-kilter noise-rock. The track is the perfect example of the band's lead singer's vocal talents and the group's intense instrumentation. They recently played on the DIY stage at Live Leeds as well as playing at Handmade Festival, 2000 Trees, Tramlines and more. Narcs combines characteristically political lyrics with thunderous instrumental backing for an ass kicking kind of sound to your eardrums.

Discussing the single, guitarist Joe Angus said, "Raus' as a song was a long, drawn out process to make something coherent out of a whole host of churning, grinding grievances we had about the way things were for us, as individuals and as a country. The song was born at a time when I (Joe - guitar) had stepped away from the band, for the sake of my mental wellbeing more than anything, and the other lads were jamming with Sam and Jack (formerly of leeds band Insatellites). The instant correlation between what goes on in Westminster and the everyday gnawing shittiness of the average working life. It's just a guttural outpouring of that sinking feeling post-General Election, set on top of this incessant industrial rhythm..."
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