Oh Geronimo - "The Flood" [Music Video]

- Jul 24, 2015 at 02:11PM
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The Skinny: Oh Geronimo is a six-piece indie rock band from Toronto, Ontario that just released a new video for "The Flood." Commenting on the song, the band said, "On 'The Flood,' Jarvis Manslaughter, a chain-wielding vigilante Wanderer, has been hired to protect a sacred sorcerer sanctuary from his own kind. Once hidden deep within the Canadian Wilderness, the land has attracted Wanderers in search of a new home. Ciaranimo, a rising commander amongst the Wanderers, is ready to make his move. When he attempt to infiltrate the forbidden territory, one of his comrades is help captive by Jarvis Manslaughter and his warriors. Only one side can prevail in the battle that ensues. Oh Geronimo presents The Flood and the first installment of a Canadian Wilderness Fantasy Epic, The Rise of Ciaronimo."

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