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HYPNOSISTER Mastermind DAMIAN HUGHES Psychedelically Discusses His Guitars and Effects Pedals - Geared Up #005

- Dec 11, 2018 at 11:01AM
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Today we’re stoked to share out a new video episode of our “Geared Up” series wherein artists discuss their musical instruments. This time around, Damian Hughes, formally the guitarist and songwriter of Leeds psych-grunge band Allusondrugs, runs through some of the key gear he uses to create the psyched-out sounds of new new solo project, Hypnosister.

Hughes’ fuzzed out futuristic space rock can be heard on his debut self-titled EP, released on Sleep All Day Productions, and available for free download RIGHT HERE. In this video Damian talks about how he achieves his trademark sound on stage and in the studio, so check it out above, plus his “I’m Going To Die” music video below.

Check out Hypnosister’s video for the single “I’m Going To Die” here.

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