SAVES THE DAY Head "Side By Side" into an Exciting Future of New Music

- Oct 17, 2018 at 02:54AM
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With a little over a week remaining until the release of Saves The Day’s highly-anticipated, first new full-length in five years - they have unveiled a new video single entitled "Side By Side".

"Side By Side" is a nostalgia-drenched alt-rock anthem that reflects on the very beginnings of Saves The Day and frontman Chris Conley’s musical journey, with him revealing: ""Side By Side" is about starting a band with your best friends and leaning into the dream called Life!"

9 Track Listing:

01. Saves The Day
02. Suzuki
03. Side By Side
04. Kerouac & Cassady
05. It's Such a Beautiful World
06. Rose
07. 1997
08. Rendezvous
09. 29

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