SHIRT Shares New Video for "180 Grams - Climate Change"

- Feb 25, 2018 at 01:49PM
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Queens rapper Shirt has shared a new video for "180 Grams - Climate Change." The video is actually a mini-documentary of Shirt's first visit to Third Man Pressing in Detroit, as the team there put together the vinyl packaging of his label debut album.

Shirt explained, "I made my way through Cass Corridor for the first time and watched a 10+ person team at Third Man assemble my album packaging. The legend John Baldessari let me use two of his most known works and present them untouched, 50 years since the original Pure Beauty (1968). I made a dirty rap album as an ode meant to inspire freedom and unfiltered expression - shit so ugly it turned beautiful. Now we're finally shipping this physical work worldwide."
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