SOUNDSCAPE’s Latest Lyric Video Presents a Pounding “Paradox”

- Nov 09, 2018 at 10:24AM
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Led by Sacred Oath frontman Rob Thorne, Connecticut-based progressive metal quartet Soundscape have just released a brand new single called “Paradox”. The lyric video follows previous single “Insatiable” which was released on Friday, April 13th (hear it below). This new tune is the second single from the band (which also includes guitarist Todd Rose, bassist Scott Waite and drummer Lou Caldarola) since 2009’s Grave New World.

Thorne, who has been producing the Soundscape recordings in his downtime, commented on the song and video as follows: ”I like lyric videos because the words are an important part of the whole picture. There are so many things happening at all times in Soundscape, including some viewpoint that I’m trying to get off my chest. I also love the opportunity to play keyboards again and work in a more progressive genre with these fantastic musicians.”

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