SUMO CYCO Are and Will Remain "Undefeated" with New Music Video

- Feb 09, 2018 at 02:59PM
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Canadian punk-metallers Sumo Cyco have released a video for their new anthem "Undefeated" from an upcoming EP. Frontwoman Skye "Sever" Sweetnam spoke at length about the song and video; "The music video for 'Undefeated' was filmed and edited in two days and was one of the most challenging videos we’ve done yet. This is the first time we’ve had dancers come and do choreography in our videos. I love it because dancehall rhythms are so important to our sound."

"The concept of the video was inspired by the awesome location we had access to. But we wanted to bring color and hope to the abandoned weathered and gloomy backdrops to echo the sentiment of the lyrics."

"After we wrote the song, 'Undefeated's' lyrics resonated with me so much more. We finished the song a few months ago then life started throwing us curve balls. We all had personal struggles and it felt like we just kept getting kicked while we were down. We just kept 'singing through the sorrow' and thought it would be cathartic to release the song. We came out the other side."
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